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How to auto post on Twitter – Small Business

How to auto post on Twitter

Posting on Twitter is also referred to as a tweet, usually when we post it to appear immediately. But you can fully schedule your posts. Just like other social media like Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn, let your posts appear at the right time when your users are most online. You cannot wait until that point. Using the automated Twitter post and scheduling tool is your best bet. How to auto post on Twitter? Here’s a simple yet easy-to-use tool that helps you create content quickly and schedule your Twitter post all week. Helps you easily take the initiative in your work plan. Interaction with Twitter users is also uninterrupted

Using Social Post Center makes it easy to auto post on twitter

How to schedule tweets on Socialpostcenter

  1. Go to and create an account
How to auto post on Twitter
How to auto post on Twitter

2. Connect your Twiter accounts to the Social Post Center

how to auto tweet

3. Create Twitter Content – From your dashboard, create your tweet by clicking on the Post icon

How to auto post on Twitter

4. Then give your tweet a complete photo, video and electrical info

You can choose to Post now or schedule a post by selecting Schedule

How to auto post on Twitter

5. Create tweet posting schedule: you can choose when to start posting, how many times to repeat tweets, and how long to post.

6. And to make sure that the tweet is scheduled, select the Schedules icon: Your posts will be scheduled and posted automatically according to the time you chose.

So you already know How to auto post on Twitter. Thousands of customers have used our platform with high trust and satisfaction

Nếu bạn quản lý nhiều tài khoản Twitter, bạn hoàn toàn có thể chọn hàng loạt các tài khoản với cùng một nội dung và đăng chúng vào những thời điểm mà khách hàng của bạn có mặt nhiều nhất.

How to edit scheduled tweets

With scheduled tweets you can fully customize the time and content to match. If needed, you can immediately delete the tweet. It’s simple right.

automatically post to twitter

The great features for Twtter that Social Post Center offers you

  1. Twitter activity: Automatically tweet fully interactive such as: Retweet, Favorite, Reply, Follow, Unfollow, Welcome Direct Message. Help keep your account connected with your customers. Obviously you only use this feature when you don’t have enough time
auto post to twitter

2. Twitter activity: Twitter performance analysis panel helps you control whether your content is working or not. And quickly adjust the content and tweet time accordingly

twitter auto post

3. Twitter trend: Provides you with active trends on Twitter at the moment to help you tailor your content accordingly to bring the most engagement to your tweet.

auto post on twitter

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