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How to auto post to Linkedin

How to auto post to Linkedin

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site originally designed primarily for the business community. LinkedIn’s goal is to allow registered members to professionally establish and record networks of people they know. From there, employers can search for their information, and they can also introduce themselves on the social networking site. LinkedIn currently has more than 300 million members from many countries. In addition to being a place for business information and recruitment, LinkedIn is also very good for SEO businesses, because this is the social media that Google prioritizes to transmit content. With multiple LinkedIn accounts, you can deliver business content and generate more traffic for your website. How to auto post to Linkedin when you have multiple accounts?

With an account you can fully use the automated tools available on LinkedIn. But when you are in need of using multiple accounts, it is not completely easy at all. First you have to remember your account and log in many times to create a content and you want to post. At that time, you will find it very time consuming. There is a better solution for you, where you can auto post on LinkedIn for multiple accounts and schedule posts long in advance.

Socialpostcenter is a solution that helps you auto post to Linkedin

With a perfect system connecting the API to many different social networks. Socialpostcenter offers a solution for all. It only takes you 5 minutes to post one of your content to linkedin accounts, or a little more time to create content for the week. It’s great, isn’t it. Now you can manage dozens of your Linkedin accounts in absolutely no extra time. Time is money, right

How to auto post to Linkedin?

First you need to create a free account on

How to auto post to Linkedin

Next you need to connect all linkedin accounts that you have on the system. This is completely safe and not afraid of losing information because the system is just an intermediary connecting you with Linkedin.

Finally, you build the content and choose the accounts and linkedin pages to post. Or you can schedule posts for whole weeks or even months for your accounts

Revealing, Socialpostcenter not only connects Linkedin accounts, but also connects to 12 other social networks. It’s great, isn’t it

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